Over the past three and a half years I have written about my personal dining experiences from England and around the world. My collection will continue for as long as I have a passion for great food, travel and good company. My reviews are much more personal then you would normally find as I focus on the company as much as I do on the food.

I am hoping that those featured in my collection will be taken back to the moment and also on the memories they have from that day/night.

I am not a "margarita pizza" kind of girl when it comes to trying new foods. There are of course tastes I will sample once and never again - such as a battered chickens foot, however it is all about the experience of tasting something new and making up your own mind

I love food and writing and I hope this comes through when reading my blog. The aim of it is simply to make you smile

All the best


"Welcome to the good life" Tao Vegas April 2009

If you have read my entry with Kate titled "Red meat fix" you will see that we had that meal in the run up to Vegas. An unforgettable 6 days in Las Vegas- both of us here for our first time. As we waited at our United Airways designated gate for the flight- we heard a lady on the tanoy advertising for upgrading to business class as there was a special deal of 2 for 1! A temptation far too hard to resist, we looked at each other and smiled and within a minute we were handing out our credit card details so we could set off on this adventure in style. We couldn't be happier as we sipped champagne, dining with silver cutlery, laid back on our beds and just chilled out for the duration of the flight.

We were staying at Planet Hollywood hotel on the Las Vegas strip. I highly recommend this hotel as its a fun, young, party vibe with a great pool atmosphere, fabulous restaurants, clubs, shopping mall, pink casino and of course a wedding chapel.

We ate at the famous Nobu restaurant which is located in the Hard Rock Hotel, however I decided to write about Tao as this was the most memorable meal.

Tao restaurant and nightclub is a sexy pan Asian bistro inside the gorgeous Venetian hotel, influenced by Hong Kong, Thai, Japanese and Chinese flavours. The original restaurant is in New York City and is a very desirable place to eat. Our hotel concierge had made our reservation and as we entered the restaurant we were welcomed by exotic girls with fake boobs (They are a must in Vegas) dancing in a oval shaped bath full of rose petals and water! You have to see it to believe it.

All glammed up we were shown to our downstairs corner table in view of the enormous 20 foot bronze Buddha statue. We ordered martinis and browsed through the rather large menu. Our aim- sad but true was to try as many different flavours of martinis as we could in Vegas! Passion fruit, lychee, apple, blueberry, cucumber, strawberry, pomegranate and pineapple later we could have a new career as a "martini connoisseur" if there ever was such a thing.

From the large menu we chose spicy lobster roll with shiso and black tobiko, king crab Californian roll, edemame and crispy spicy tuna with avocado and soy paper, satay chicken and duck spring rolls.

The restaurant is mysteriously very low lit with great beats and excellent service. The waitressing staff are so organised like a military operation. They have to be as the restaurant and bar area is so busy. Tao is pricey but definitely worth treating yourself. Top class food down and feeling ready to carry the night on, we headed upstairs into the club for a night of dancing in the same room as Jay Z and that smile we had in the airport lasted the entire trip.

A very memorable holiday with endless laughter and jokes. This really was a taste of the "good life".


"Home from Home" Trampolines Riccione Italy July 2010

Riccione is on the Adriatic Coast of Italy and is a place where I have been going on holiday since I was 18 months old with my mum, dad brother, sister, family and friends. A weeks break away with my mum was perfect and just what we both needed. My mum has also been coming to Riccione since she was 13 years old. Two hours from London and you are in  a place with beautiful sunshine, fabulous service, even more fabulous shopping and laid back people.

We call it home from home because the family run hotel is a place where we have been coming for so long. All the staff including waiters, porters and chambermaids make us feel so welcome.

Trampoline's is located just minutes from the hotel and on Riccione Beach, It is a perfect place for lazy long lunches or relaxing dinners and suitable for any diner who loves no frills real Italian food.

In our weeks holiday we went once for lunch and twice for dinner. As I now live in London it is great to spend some quality time with my mum. She is a wonderful mother who would do anything for her children and I love and appreciate her very much. As we both love eating, shopping, long walks and sunbathing- what girl doesn't - we were so happy to be here enjoying ourselves.

A bloody Mary aperitif to start to get my tastebuds going we were shown to our table. A basket of bread, oil and balsamic vinegar later we ordered our mains. Nothing fancy just one fungi pizza and one tomato, artichoke, olive pizza and one mixed salad.

The difference between a pizza at home and one in Italy is obviously incomparable. This is down to the thin crispy base cooked in a wood oven, the sweetness of the fresh Italian tomato base, perfumed olive oil and the Buffalo mozzarella cheese. Simple, feel good holiday food at a reasonable price is what this place is all about and is a must to eat here if you ever find yourself in Riccione. The staff cannot do enough for you here.

For our late long lunch I ordered a huge dish of clams and mussels in a white wine, lemon and parsley sauce with crusty Italian bread. My mum went for a tuna nicoise salad and we shared a portion of chips. Two ice cold diet coke's and we were in holiday bliss. There is not much more to say then the reason we keep coming back to Riccione and Trampolines is simply because we love it.

Bronzed, shopped out and relaxed we came back home to the hustle and bustle of everyday life.


"Chinwag" Fish Works London May 2011

We were in need of a Thursday boozy night dinner and a chance for a bit of a chinwag. Amy and Natalie both work on front desk. Although we have all worked in the same office, apart from the odd rushed lunch we never really get a chance to socialise.

Amy and I hopped on the tube, and a short walk later we were on Swallow Street. There are 3 Fishwork restaurants, Swallow street, Marleybone high street and Richmond. Our reservation was for 7.30pm and we walked past the fresh fish counter to be seated by the window. Fish can be purchased from here so this restaurant also doubles up as a fishmonger.

Sauvignon Blanc was the wine of choice. I ordered Fresh whole plaice with lemon butter,grilled tuna with soy and mirin for Amy and fillet of sea bass with rosemary for Nat. Our sides were new potatoes with herbed butter, wilted spinach and a bread board with aioli and salsa verdi. We had a very informative waitress who knew the entire menu and all wines to compliment.

We "clinked" our glasses to toast just because we could, We are all in our twenties and we filled the room with infectious harmonised laughter as we swapped embarrassing stories from the days gone by and enjoyed the night away.

I have to say this is great quality fish, simply cooked and tasted amazing. The flavours were uncomplicated which let the quality of the fish speak for itself. Perfect for a warm late may evening.

We carried out the night at a local pub just a few streets down on Dover Street "The Clarence". Three cocktails and a cheap bottle of plonk later we were all a wee bit merry- mission accomplished :) Back on the tube I closed my eyes for what I thought was a minute and before I knew it I was home in West Hampstead again.


7-9 Swallow Street, London W1B 4DG
0207 734 5813

"More bread please" La Grillarde Leeds 28th May 2011

I couldn't leave my home town of Leeds out of my worldly food collection- it just wouldn't sit right! An unplanned evening with a trip to this delightful French restaurant with my brother and his wife I had booked a 2 day trip back home to catch up with family. As I live in London I tried to come home once a month for home comforts and catch ups. My brother takes my wonderful Grandma to La Grillarde and she absolutely loves it. She says "are we going down the steps tonight"! The table was booked for 8pm and we went "down the steps" as the restaurant is lower ground. Away from the dreary rainy Saturday night you enter the restaurant and see pristine white tablecloths, shiny tiled flooring and low ceilings. The restaurant is deceivingly larger to the immediate eye.

The waiter who of course knew my brother- he is known for his love of eating out (fressing) and wining and dining. He always spoils me :) The waiter said he was a lucky man dining with 2 ladies for the evening. I would say this is traditional service with smart waistcoat dressed staff, immaculate etiquette and manners, attentiveness and all having good knowledge about the food on offer.

La Grillarde House red on order with 3 glasses we quickly browsed the menu. As this is typical French cuisine- frogs legs and all I highly doubt the menu has diversified in the 30 years the restaurant opened its doors. This is a good thing as it is a sign that the food is established and almost matures with age- just like a vintage wine :) I know my brother in law James would like that comment.

After bread basket number 2, we ordered our mains. Who can resist crusty French bread and rich President butter.

It sounds strange but everyone that knows this restaurant raves about the crudites to start with. It sounds like something you would normally save for a pre dinner drinks but this is crudites like you have never seen before. A huge wicker basket arrives at the table with a selection of carrots, celery, chicory, cabbage, peppers, tomato, celeriac, spring onion and cucumber served with various homemade dressings for dipping.

A perfect starter to share as the man sized mains were to follow.

Chateau Briand of fillet steak was the choice for my brother and I to share-this was served medium rare with frites and salad with French dressing.

Duck A L'A Orange- which is something my dad normally goes for.
A wooden board arrived with sliced fillet steak cooked to perfection- uncomplicated, simply cooked food with extra skinny frites and very strong French Mustard.

The duck had a crispy skin and was intentionally cooked through - it was still sweet and rich in flavour and pink blushing duck meat would not have suited this dish.

The red wine was going down a treat and we were positively stuffed but a tempt of the cheese board was too hard to resist...with yes another bread basket. We chose a selection of 3 cheeses including brie and my brothers favourite - Camembert calvados- which is infused with apple brandy. A quick double espresso shot and we were good to go. A great place to enjoy high quality french cuisine surprisingly served with a smile. :)


27 Wellington Street
Leeds LS1 4EA 0113 245 9707

“Red Meat Fix” March 2008

Our trip to gaucho was a planned Thursday night evening outing. I have been friends with Kate for over 7 years now and we have recently just planned a trip to Vegas together the following month. We found our love of food when we met at 16 years old on tour for a month and lived off feta cheese, humous, and peanut butter sandwiches. We also have a great love for making each other laugh... none stop, and are like a pair of hyena's when we get together!

There are 13 locations of gaucho around London. They are designed with a wonderful interior which really has the "cow factor". Sexy, sleek and moody lighting makes you feel a million miles away, when in fact I was sat in Hampstead village. The cow hide chairs covers and wall hangings gives the restaurant its Argentinean feel.
Gaucho has a motto for its customers, and this is to experience the true essence of Argentinean life in its food wine and culture using exceptional ingredients.
The versatility of what the menu has to offer, means that this restaurant is great for long luxurious lunches or boozy dinners galore.
The cheesy bread which is complimentary is amazing. I say no more- as you will think the same once you have tried it for yourself.
As designated driver for the evening I just opted for a small glass of red which was excellent. An Argentinean red such as Malbec is always a winner.
I order the beef de lomo 225 grams fillet steak while Kate had the charrasso spiral cut of sirloin- with side orders to share of sweet potato chips with chorizo and roasted vegetables and peppercorn sauce on the side.
The waitress knew the entire menu inside out and I always find this impressive. She brought out a wooden board with all the cuts of meat in their raw state and explained the flavour and texture of each cut

It is not a meal for those on a budget at £21.50 for a piece of steak- but the simplicity of the food makes such a delicious meal that I had craved for so long. I have also eaten at Gaucho Moorgate and Gaucho Piccadilly.
Lets just say I got my red meat and laughter fix that evening.

I also enjoyed my 25th Birthday at Gaucho Piccadily with a couple of people from work. Six of us in total. Natalie, Hayley, Jamie, Nick, James and myself. Nick very kindly sorted out a round of champagne for everyone. We had a round corner table with lots of wine and cocktails flowing and courtesy of Natalie- hilarious conversation. All I need to say is- google image "Gaucho man" and let your imagination do the talking!

I tried the fillet steak cooked "blue" which is basically raw! Just a corner of Nick's. I was pleasantly surprised- A) that I actually tasted it- and B) how much I secretly liked it.

Contact Gaucho Hampstead

64 Heath Street,
London NW3 1DN
T 020 7431 8222
F 020 7431 3714


"Expect the unexpected" July 2008 Supper Club cruise Amsterdam

My second trip to Amsterdam. My first was my 21st Birthday where I went to the Supper Club restaurant to celebrate. There were 11 of us in total and Sarah (my sister's friend) and I  had to organize a jam packed weekend extravaganza for my sister's hen weekend. The supper club restaurant is 100% an eating experience to remember. Having researched the supper club cruise, it sounded perfect for the drunkard occasion.

We boarded the ship at 7pm prompt, loaded with our “L” plates, tiaras and naughty games for the evening we climbed aboard. The bottom deck is completely white in colour with huge beds for seats and turquoise strobe lighting throughout. We were shown to the upstairs deck where it was the same layout but in midnight black. Heels off as instructed we all jumped on to the beds with excitement. Pink was the wine colour of choice for the evening. Light, fruity and most importantly for a hen night – very drinkable.

The way the dining experience works is you just need to inform the waiter on the night if you have any specific dietary requirements and then leave it up to the chef. A 6 course meal of the chef's choice will arrive in strange and spectacular ways.
Some of the food we were served was as follows:-
Smoked chicken Cesar style salad with fresh beets served in a glass airtight container (similar to what you store coffee in)
Thai style coconut broth served in a clear drinks glass
Seabass fillet on a bed of spinach, black beans and a cream of tomato soup style sauce. This sounds like chalk and cheese but actually were amazing and that wasn’t the wine talking on this occasion.
Between courses we were dancing and prancing around the boat. as expected. This was a night filled with self made entertainment. We all wore LBD’s and my sis- the bride to be wore cream.
The supper club is famous for their crazy choices of entertainment. The DJ stopped and the set changed. The most flexible lady I have ever seen- I think the term is contortionist began parading her limbs around the boat for all eyes to enjoy. You should expect the unexpected at the Supper Club.


supperclub cruise
Ruyterkade Pier 14
+31 (0)20 3446403

“A perfect lazy Sunday Lunch” The North London Tavern January 2009

I wanted to add the North London Tavern into my collection as Kilburn where it is situated will always be remembered as my first home in London. There is no exaggeration when I say we lived behind the pub. No Iie, I used to go to sleep at night to the sound of the glass bottles crashing as they were being emptied into the bins outside!
It wasn’t a planned outing to the pub. One of my best friends Abby and I had been on a winter walk around Hampstead Heath and built up an appetite... although it did come naturally with a hangover on a Sunday. I think ravenous is the word I am looking for. Armed with my "News of the world" Sunday paper we prepared ourselves for a long and lazy, surprisingly non boozy afternoon. I do love a sneaky cider when I go to the pub and call it my guilty pleasure. I have actually asked for it in a wine glass on previous occasions so I don't get the stares when I am lugging round a pint glass full of the stuff!  Conveniently placed by our choice of seating was a copy of "The Sunday Times"- which was left by another diner- including the abundance of supplements draped over the table.
The pub is a dark cosy atmosphere. It is a great find away from the hustle and bustle and yes bartering that happens on Kilburn high road. It is even a little out of place you could say.
I ordered braised beef stew with mashed potato, baby onions and celery and Abby ordered Roast chicken, Yorkshire puddings, roast vegetable and gravy. Both meals were reasonably priced at £12.50. As this is known as a gastro pub- the prices are a little more inflated than your average boozer. I would have normally gone for a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon to go with my food- however the mood, food and the company was good enough for me. The service was speedy and we were both impressed with the food. The beef was tender and the rich red wine infused jus went perfectly with the sweet baby onions. Abby’s portion was massive- it was a hearty plate of crispy skinned roast chicken, savoy cabbage, roasted parsnips, carrots, broccoli, roast potatoes and gravy..and Yorkshire pudding.
Knife and forks down and clean plates, we cast our eyes over the dessert menu. My choice would have been Apple crumble and ice-cream and Abby’s chocolate brownie, chocolate sauce and crème cantily- but we were both officially stuffed so started our silent paper reading session. We stayed in our seats for a good few hours all in all.
The pub was filled with a mixture of couples, friends and locals all enjoying each other’s company. It was an enjoyable meal and I can see this pub continuing to thrive over the next few years. Lazy Sundays are what it is all about and this one hit the spot for me.


North London Tavern   |   375 Kilburn High Road, London, NW6 7QB   |   Tel: 020 7625 6634

“Mixing business and pleasure” Benny Hadayag- Tel Aviv October 2008

         This was a wonderful meal to finish off a perfect holiday. I had been in Tel Aviv for 4 days with my boyfriend Adam. He was sent on business to do some schmoozing in Tel Aviv and invited me along. We had been seeing each other for a couple of months and I agreed to spontaneously join him for an all expenses paid fun mini break away in the sunshine. I will always treasure this holiday as it was our first together and I have such great memories.

           I met him on the tube when I was 15. Strange but true. He helped me off the carriage with my bags as he could see I was struggling. It was my first time on the tube travelling to London. Seven years later we crossed paths again and he said "I remember that face, I met you on a train about 7 years ago" and the rest is history!

         We got a short taxi ride to Tel Aviv port, as we were staying at the David Intercontinental which is based at the other end of the Tayelet. Arriving into Tel Aviv at 6am on a BA night flight- we both crashed out curled up on the hotel lobby sofa as we were hours away from check in time.

         We came across Benny Hadayag (the translation in English is Benny the fisherman) and chose to eat here. The fact it was packed out on a mid week evening in October was a good sign.

         This restaurant can definitely be described as informal, taverna style dining.
         There were seats outside on the port for those who liked to people watch, or indoor seating for comfort. We sat inside as hunger could not wait on this occasion. It has a no fuss interior and a relaxed atmosphere with big wooden tables. Having sat down for less than one minute an array of ten small white appetizer dishes arrived including humous, tahina, olives, deep-fried aubergine, harissa, Moroccan potatoes, Israeli salad, pickled turnips, pickled cabbage and pita bread.

          The friendly buxom waitress came over to explain what happens next. It is approximately 95 Shekels for the whole meal each. The main course if a choice of grilled/baked seafood/white fish such as red snapper or sea bass and also steak as a meat option.
Two humongous pieces of white fish- one snapper and one seabass arrived bbq’d and wrapped rusticly in sliver foil. This wholesome way of serving was the epitamy of great holiday food. The simplicity of the food, decor, relaxed dress code creates a wonderful get stuck in, sit back and relax vibe.

The waitress gave me the background of the restaurant and told me it originally started over in Jaffa 15 years ago. it certainly has a long history as an authentic fish restaurant. I highly recommend this restaurant to any fish lover dining in Tel-Aviv.

Gamla Riesling was the white wine of choice and is excellent.

I have since returned with by best friend Dalia on our holiday in April 2010. We ate outside this time and I tried the grilled mixed seafood which is incredible and I would say is their most popular dish on the menu.

"Bete Avon"

  • Old port of Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
  • (03)5440933

“Welcome to Miami – "You eat a lot” Sushi Samba August 2009

          We arrived in Miami on Monday 4th August at our hotel Gansevoort South Beach. It was just recently built – 6 months prior so it wasn’t 100% finished; however it was perfect for us, complete with a roof top pool. Miami was booked as a last minute 10 day splurge to end the most amazing summer of 2008. I went with Dalia, Hannah and Tori. Our concierge- we named him Fernando- soon became our new best friend and he made a reservation for us at Sushi Samba. They have 6 restaurants including 5 in America and one in Tel Aviv.

          We jumped into our yellow cab and were greeted by front of house and were shown to our table overlooking the whole restaurant. The theme of the menu is Japanese, Asian, Brazilian and Peruvian fusion flavours. This exotic mix is also incorporated into the DJ, the design and even the layout of the restaurant.
           We all chose to eat sushi and dry white wine was perfect to compliment. That makes us sound so sophisticated, however this was really just a tame start to a drunkard night to follow. We ordered vegetable tempura and edamame beans to start and then we each went for a samba roll. This was 8 pieces of inside out roll and 4 pieces of sushi.
          My samba roll was lobster, mango, crispy rice, soy paper, red curry sauce and chives served with a lobster claw on a banana leaf garnished with exotic flower petals. As you can see from the photo this was beautifully presented.

          I also chose the salmon and avocado inside out roll. We were all in agreement that this was amazing sushi. The restaurant had a great buzz with a DJ, heaving bar, low lit lighting and good looking locals. Two bottles of Pinot Grigio later we were ready to continue the night in the Florida Rooms in the Famous Delano Hotel- co- owned by Madonna. Again Fernando our concierge had sorted us out with guest list so we walked right in. We carried on drinking vodka and vino until 4am. Lindsay Lohan was on the next table to us out with Samantha Ronson.
          We enjoyed our sushi experience so much we made another reservation for the following Tuesday night at 10.30pm. On average both meals for around £35 each. After our second meal we ordered a bottle of hot sake to share. We were all new to Saki and as this was a traditional Japanese alcoholic beverage we gave it our best shot... pun intended. Let’s just say it’s not suited to my palette but at least I gave it a go.

         Overall definitely an eating experience. Sushi samba’s website quotes
From the carnival, inspired colours to the samba beat, to the centerpiece sushi and ceviche bar, the soul of sushi samba is about enjoying life and celebrating with friends. We welcome you Bern-vindo

600 lincoln road

miami beach, florida 33139

phone | reservations

305.673.5337 fax 305.673.5451

"Get on it” Little Italy- Jerusalem July 2008

This was my second visit to the reputable Italian restaurant in the heart of Jerusalem city. The first time was my 19th birthday, and the second was me and my six amazing Leeds girlies. We had all come to Israel for 12 days during the summer as my friend Abigail’s sister was getting married. We have Dalia, Simone, Abby, Hannah Helen and Danielle. This was the first time a big group of us had gone away together in the summer since our club 18-30 days in Greece.

Apart from an enormous jellyfish sting which I got on the first day. ( I kicked the thing as I thought it was a plastic bag) this was an incredible holiday in Israel and the wedding was beautiful.
As we entered Little Italy we were all warmly welcomed to our reserved table by the owners of the restaurant. The waiter was very attentive and his English was 100 times better then my Hebrew skills, I am ashamed to say after doing months of learning the language on my gap year in Israel.
We skipped starters and went ahead and ordered the main. The menu was so appealing; Dalia and I decided to share 2 mains and a salad. We went for “Avi’s grilled haloumi salad- Israel style, Spinach and Jerusalem artichoke ravioli with tomato and cheese sauce and eggplant and Parmesan bake.
The restaurant has been open 22 years which is impressive. It has a warm, happy atmosphere. Wine flowing and of course laughter in the air our mains arrived. The portion sizes in Israel are certainly plentiful.
Diced cucumber, tomato, parsley, lemon juice with salty grilled haloumi cheese made up Avi’s salad. Eggplant is extremely popular in Israel and I have to say after trying some many disappointing Parmejana Melenzana’s back at home I was very impressed. The homemade tomato sauce was delicious and was cooked to perfection. The spinach and ravioli was also a great order. I am tempted to order anything with Artichoke in as I am addicted to the sweet but tarte taste. The ravioli was generously filled.
We all shared a selection of desserts to leave a sweet taste. We ordered a cheesecake, chocolate souffle and passion fruit sorbet.
We all couldn’t be happier, great friends, great food, great wine, staff and atmosphere. The old fashioned Italian restaurants usually always have the owners in house to meet and greet the customers. This all adds to the wonderful atmosphere.
Barkan Sauvignon Blanc is an excellent choice in Israel... I am no wine connoisseur, but it is very fruity. The correct description from their website is as follows:-

 Grapes from the Galilee are blended with those from Tel Safit to create this elegant wine with its complex "rainbow" of aromas from fresh mown grass to cranberry and mango. Although of a light body, the intense herb and tropical fruit flavour and crisp tart, long finish is refreshingly delightful.
Jerusalem is a magical city and I have many wonderful memories of being in the capital. This restaurant is a great find and I hope to return on my next visit. Our night continued drinking vodka and amaretto sours in the outside bars and smoking nargila in down town Ben Yehuda Street.


“Ladies in New York” January 2008

This was the last night of my holiday in New York City with my fabulous friend Nicola. We had booked a spontaneous trip away  in order to beat the January blues. If you do head to New York in January- please invest in a warm coat as you will need it! Nicola has a true love for New York and she prewarned me that this was going to be an energetic, eventful week and it definitely was.

If I take you back to the night, we got a taxi from Brooklyn to Soho as we were attending a soiree/drinks party at a trendy converted loft apartment on Lafayette Street. Wearing our new purchases each with a new LBD a lady on the door took our coats and after mingling with the host and the crowd, we got our tastebuds going with great wine and olives. We had arrived fashionably late and had missed the in-house chef who cooked up pasta for the guests. As we hadn’t pre arranged our dinner plans, we asked some New Yorkers from the party if there was anything close by.  At least six recommendations later we chose to eat at Le Esquina as our last meal in the city. It was conveniently placed underneath the loft apartment.

The restaurant was intimately sized and a warm, sexy, glowy atmosphere flowed through the room. Although I must say there is a strange choice of artwork on the walls. See my photo below!

 A mixture of friends and couples filled each table. The menu was set out with just enough dishes to tempt. However, I was feeling indecisive but adventurous so I asked for a waiter –who Nic had commented on how aesthetically pleasing he was to the eye to choose 2 dishes for us to share.Without hesitation the chef was cooking our Sirloin Steak and Shrimp.  Although the restaurant is Mexican, there were none of the typical dishes you would expect to see on the menu.  It can only be described as uniquely chosen ingredients infused delicately with real Mexican flavours.

My main Course chosen from the grill was large shelled giant shrimp, chargriddled with a squeeze of fresh lime sitting on a bed of Mexican slaw. Nicola's choice was sirloin steak- cooked medium well (Nicolas choice) with chipotle salsa, Mexican rice and black beans on a bed of green leaf salad. The salsa added a delicate heat to the dish. The portions were enough for us to feel satisfied but not stuffed as I like to say. A dessert was calling out our name and we went for a chocolate soufflé infused with cinnamon and espresso with mascarpone ice-cream and mint leaves baked in a terracotta pot. It was surprising that no alcohol was involved but we made a "Le Chaim" with our silver spoons and took our first mouthful at the same time. Crunchy base, gooey warm centre and cool ice-cream on the palette. Silence as we let the taste go down. We looked at each other’s reaction and knew we were on the same wavelength – as the hot and cold thing put a spine tingling smile to our faces. We started to laugh uncontrollably and noticed that the tables were turning round to see what was so amusing- their faces left wondering, especially as there were no empty tequila glasses – but just an extra large bottle of mineral water on the table….. We were saving ourselves for later as we knew as it our last night it was going to be a late one. 

The waiter knew by the looks on our faces as he cleared our dessert plates that it was certinaly compliments to the chef. Leaving the restaurant in a fabulous mood, we left an extra large tip to show our gratitude.

Le Esquina also includes the more well known takeaway shop. It’s not too appealing to the eye on the outside but I have heard the food is great. The Street was heaving with the takeaway business

The bill came to $60 for 2. We carried on our night until 4am drinking Donald Trump Vodka, cranberry and lime and Club Home before leaving to fly back to England on the 18th.

114 Kenmare, New York, NY 10012
(between Kenmare & Lafayette)