Over the past three and a half years I have written about my personal dining experiences from England and around the world. My collection will continue for as long as I have a passion for great food, travel and good company. My reviews are much more personal then you would normally find as I focus on the company as much as I do on the food.

I am hoping that those featured in my collection will be taken back to the moment and also on the memories they have from that day/night.

I am not a "margarita pizza" kind of girl when it comes to trying new foods. There are of course tastes I will sample once and never again - such as a battered chickens foot, however it is all about the experience of tasting something new and making up your own mind

I love food and writing and I hope this comes through when reading my blog. The aim of it is simply to make you smile

All the best


"Me, myself and my knife and fork" Fine and Shapiro New York November 2011

I recently returned from 31 incredible days living in Manhattan - the heart of the big apple staying with my boyfriend Adam in a fabulous part of the Upper West Side. I took a mini sabbatical from my job of three years in London, spending my time living the New York lifestyle. I passed the time with near daily sessions of Yoga at a great studio (NY Loves Yoga), mostly followed by lunching, brunching, dining, walking and taking time to appreciate my surroundings, and how fortunate I was to be spending time there.
Although you may not think it, November is the perfect time of year to visit New York. There are endless things to do to entertain your senses. I managed to take in the Marathon (spectator only, running is not my forte), the joy of the Thanksgiving Holidays (turkey, turkey and more turkey), festive holiday markets bursting with gifts galore, and incredible window displays. Not forgetting the beautiful autumnal weather that lasted the entire month, with clear blue skies and amber/crimson leaves lining the streets.
Adam was working hard downtown, and aside from meeting him for lunch a few times and a handful of friends, I pretty much had a month surrounded by my own company, which I embraced with every effort.
After Yoga, I always found myself “hank marvin” (cockney slang for starving...) I walked down to 72nd street, complete with my trusty yoga mat strapped to my shoulder (we became inseparable for the month!).
I came across “Fine & Schapiro" – a Jewish Kosher caterer and deli restaurant, who have fed hungry customers from all walks of life for 80 years! Their website quotes that “life is like a good pastrami sandwich, tender, delicious and full of flavour”- which is a mouthwatering statement to make.
Walking into the restaurant, the friendly waitress asked me “how many?”. “Table for one please” was my reply. Her gaze looked a little surprised that I was dining alone. Without an iPad, iPod or something to read, eating alone in a restaurant although can seem daunting, is something I would definitely recommend everyone to try. With no distractions, the sole purpose of my visit was to eat plenty, and eat I certainly did. For the following hour or so, it was me, myself and my knife and fork, getting to know each other.
Deli’s are not about the fancy decor, they’re about the Hamishe food. You sit, you eat, you eat some more and then undo the button on your trousers and make room for dessert! As a girl with Eastern European ancestors, I felt more than at home, sat in my corner booth nibbling on my pickled cucumbers. Fine and Schapiro focus on preserving the old fashioned dishes that my great-great-grandma cooked, such as borscht, latkes, knishes, chopped liver, goulash and my ultimate favourite... matzo ball chicken soup!
I ordered the $12.50 lunch special including a drink, soup or salad, main course and a dessert which was an absolute bargain! I had the chicken soup with giant matzo ball. Good chicken soup is good for the soul and this one did the trick. I also must add that I have just mastered making my own soup which I am proud of.

Second Course was half a corned beef (salt beef for my English readers) sandwich on rye bread with mustard to taste, new green and salted brine pickled cucumbers and coleslaw on the side. The sandwich had plenty meat in it which left me stuffed to satisfaction rather then overstuffed and overfaced like in some of the deli's in New York.

For dessert I chose a delicious apple strudel which I asked to be warmed up. This was simply a comforting lunch which was just what I wanted. I wasn't suprised that I found the room to finish my 3 courses... as I always do! 

 Enjoying the food so much, I was just happy to be alone in that particular moment. Traditional Jewish food like this warms the soul and my own grandma's preserved recipe's which she has taught my mum, and then onto me will be treasured hopefully for generations to come. I arrived back to the apartment happily content, and curled up on the sofa for a well deserved late afternoon schluuf after an indulgent day with myself!

138 W 72nd St  A  New York, NY 10023-3391, United States
(212) 877-2874


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